Winston Churchill Success Story

By on July 8, 2013
Winston Churchill Success Story

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

We all know Winston Churchill as the leader of the United Kingdom during the World War II era. But what most don’t know is the tough road he had to travel to get there. He did poorly in school and his father even thought he was retarded because he usually finished near the bottom of his class. Churchill even failed the sixth grade and had to take a math class over three times just pass. His father’s original goal for him was to become a barrister which is the US equivalent of an attorney in the United Kingdom. So, he attempted to get in and both Oxford and Cambridge but was rejected due to his poor scores at school. It’s one day Churchill’s father thinking about the rejections of both Oxford and Cambridge in his parental dreams of Churchill becoming an attorney dashed he suggested Churchill pursue a career in the Army. Churchill followed his father’s advice and applied to the Royal military College which is the British equivalent to West Point in the United States but even failed that entrance exam two times. To help himself he acquired tutoring and studied a lot and eventually passed the entrance exam on the third try.

After he graduated from Royal military College and British Army which seem to suit him. He worked his way up in British Army and by 1911 had acquired a title called the first Lord of the Admiralty. During World War I he helped set up tactics which resulted in an unsuccessful battle which is referred to as the Gallipoli disaster. Some people thought that the reason for the failure should be placed solely on the tactical commanders but Churchill stepped up, took the majority of the blame and as a result received the demotion. It is said shortly thereafter he told the news of the world publication, “I am finished”.

However, that comment proved very far from the actual truth. He went on to hold several positions during the 1920s where he proved his real value and prowess as a commander in British Army. When World War II first started, he was reappointed first Lord about morality and was made a member of the British war cabinet. Early in the war, the British prime minister resigned and Churchill was placed in the position by overwhelming majority vote. He was an overwhelming success in leading the country throughout the difficult World War II era, but was defeated in 1945 when he ran again as Prime Minister. Many people speculated that his success during wartime couldn’t be repeated during peacetime thus leading to his defeat in the election. Obviously not one to give up easily, Churchill ran again during the next trimester election and won, where he held that position until he resigned in 1955.

“If you’re going through hell.  Keep going.”  – Sir Winston Churchill

Watch the video below to see just how the supposed retard and poor student made a speech that uplifted his entire country in a very troubling time of war.


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