Charles Gordon Success Story

By on September 24, 2014

Charles Gordon’s remarkable journey has led him from poverty and homelessness to owning a multi-million pound property and music business. Now he’s written a book to show others how they too can create their own successful enterprise.

Surrounded by the “police sirens and gun culture” of the south London council estate he grew up on, he thought seriously about joining a gang to “get rich quick or die trying.”

“I didn’t achieve at school and was told by teachers that I was dumb and would never amount to anything” the father of one tells The Voice. “I was kicked out of my parents’ home as a teenager and slept on various friends’ floors. Often I didn’t even have enough money to eat. On the streets I saw drug dealers and wannabe gangsters with money and girls and thought ‘I want that’. But I realized the odds were stacked against me. Even if I did make money through crime I wouldn’t be able to spend it. My last option was to try and make it in business.”

And he has certainly done that. Gordon is now one of London’s biggest black business success stories. His property and music empire (he owns record label Genetic Records) is worth in excess of £50 million.

Now, the entrepreneur who regularly hangs out with stars such as rap mogul P Diddy and Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton, has written a book called The Secrets of Empowerment to help aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.