Kat Cole – From Hooters to Buns by Age 32

By on August 27, 2013
Kat Cole Success Story

Image credit: Cinnabon

“That’s always been my thing: I can see the possible in people and situations where other people can’t. Maybe potential greatness, or greatness unpolished, or greatness unfound, but every person has the ability.”
Cole was the first of her family to go to college and started working on engineering coursework at the University of North Florida, but dropped out – much to her mother’s dismay – because Hooters was sending her all over the world to open franchise locations. To be admitted, Cole sought out letters of recommendations from 10 CEOs, including Ted Turner, founder of CNN.

Three years ago, Cole, now 35, accepted the role as president of Cinnabon, the sweet-indulgence franchise with 1,100 stores in 56 countries and which is approaching $1 billion in annual sales. In her time at Cinnabon, Cole has advanced the company’s licensing programs with other franchises, including Cinnabon Delights at Taco Bell, Minibons at more than 700 Burger Kings and International Delight creamer that tastes like the company’s famous cinnamon buns.

While Cole isn’t the stereotypical entrepreneur, she is an entrepreneur in her own right – an entrepreneur of her own career. From jumping on a plane to Australia to launch a Hooters franchise at 19 to taking getting her MBA without having a bachelor’s degree, Cole always finds a way to see the possibilities in every situation.

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