5 Habits Budding Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

By on May 23, 2013

So, you want to be an entrepreneur! An entrepreneur enjoys financial freedom and some have shown to amass great fortunes as their enterprise has developed through the years. But entrepreneurs can fail and their businesses could go down

Photo Credit: Eva Schuster

Photo Credit: Eva Schuster

the drain. Here are some habits that fledgling entrepreneurs should avoid.

Never taking a break

Breaks are great ways to regain composure and to allow the body to rest from the constant barrage of stress. As an entrepreneur, you are pressured to deliver the telling numbers and metrics that will make your business afloat. Often you will spend a lot of time at your desk figuring out what to do for your business. However, it would help your mind and body to have periodic breaks and spend time away from work at least once a week.

Becoming too fast for comfort

Speed kills. We all know that adage is true on the road. Apparently, it is also true in entrepreneurship. A driven entrepreneur will have the drive to jump on their dreams and expand the business too fast, too soon. But the thing is that moving too fast could be disastrous and harm the business in the long run. It pays to have a nice balance and find ways to capture natural opportunities for your business to take its natural progression to find success.

Unaware of health issues

You are the lifeblood of your enterprise. When you go down, the business goes down too. That is why it is important that you take care of yourself and be healthy. Try to eat smart and exercise regularly. If you smoke, quit right now while you can and try to avoid alcohol or at least limit you intake to not more than two glasses per day of beer. The more you take care of your health the better chances you can have at the helm longer.

Avoiding meeting new people

If you continue to rely on familiar contacts you may become over-reliant which can hurt your business. Try to expand your horizon by constantly going away from your comfort zone. Increase the number of meaningful relationships that you have and expand your social circle. These new people will give you more insights, feedback and advice that will be keys on how you can effectively run the show of your business. So, forget about your social anxiety. The business world needs to be viewed at your own perspectives.

Trying to become Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan became successful because he worked for it. But, he never won it without help. If you think that you can lead your team to victory on your own, you are gravely mistaken, my friend. Even Michael Jordan had to rely on Scottie Pippen or even get guidance from Phil Jackson. Don’t be a fool to think that you can do it all.

Employees rarely get rich unless they get stock options or lucrative bonuses which come rarely. This scenario often happens only in high-profile multinational companies. But, being an entrepreneur also means being human and you need to become one if you want to succeed. And, being successful also means being able to beat stress before it beats you.

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