Learning Affirmations

By on April 23, 2014
Photo Credit: India Edu

Photo Credit: India Edu

1. Each day I am learning new things.

With every new day I find something new to discover and learn.  I learn about the world around me and the world farther from me. Sometimes it is not the things that I learn outside of me that excite me but the things I learn within.

When I read, watch the news, or seek out new opportunities, I learn new things. I talk to others and fully listen when they are speaking and I learn from their daily experiences as well.

Each day is unique and I experience things in a new way. Each day is an opportunity to learn something new about myself. I learn that I can be compassionate. I learn that I am capable of achieving whatever I put my mind to. I am a fascinating, capable person and there is much for me to learn about myself.

I learn something new each day because I am present and fully pay attention to the things that surround me. I pay full attention to the feelings, thoughts and experiences within me and thus I learn about myself.

Every day is new and offers boundless opportunities to experience and learn. I choose to begin each day with an open mind that is ready to understand.

Today I will take full advantage of each opportunity to discover and learn. I will learn about myself as well as learn about the things in the world around me. When I am fully present in my day, I am able to learn and understand many things.

2. Each day, I learn something new.

Knowledge truly is power. For this reason, I make it a priority to learn something new each day. Due to my efforts, I am a wealth of useful information.

I interact with new people on my commute to work and in line at the bank.  I recognize that everyone has something valuable to teach me. I actively reach out and make new acquaintances to learn about other towns, and cultures.

While most of my friends are watching reality television shows, I choose to stay informed by watching the news. Just one hour of news each night makes me the go-to source for current events in my social circle. I choose to watch television programs that are educational and informative, making the most of my time in front of the screen.

Reading is an important part of my life. I make it a point to read an abundance of self-help, history, and how-to books.

Of course, it takes me several days to read a single book. However, by the end of the week I often have a new skill. And, I have valuable information to offer to others when they need it.

Today, I tap all resources of information that can help me learn something new. The world around me is the best educational institution in the world. Every personal encounter and experience offers something new to learn.

3. I am a life-long learner.

Each moment is an opportunity for learning. This never ceases. From the moment of my birth to the moment of my death, I have chances to grow, choose, and shape myself anew.

In more specific terms, I choose to stay mentally and physically active. This way, I am always growing. Because I love to learn, I welcome activity into my life. Whether I am solving the newspaper crossword or walking home by a different route, I am perpetually encouraging my brain and body to stay alert and alive.

If I feel like life is asking too much of me, I try to re-frame the challenge I am facing.

If I see something as an obstacle or a worry, I consciously choose a different path for my thoughts. Instead of perceiving a situation negatively, I remember that even the most trying circumstances bring with them chances for me to learn.

There are always new challenges and tasks in different parts of my life, and I approach each of them as an opportunity. As I do this, I am filled with the joy of being who I am. I have a unique answer to every question that is put to me. Finding those answers is a process of learning. And I love to learn.

Today, I am pleased with every chance I get to acquire new knowledge. I know that challenges and joys both bring opportunities for learning. And I commit to learning something new each day.