Affirmations for Positive Change

By on November 14, 2014

4 Simple Ways to Have a Great DayI change my life by transforming myself.

When I want to change some aspect of my life, I determine what changes in myself can help bring it to fruition. All of the changes in my life are initiated from within. I am the change and I own it.

I am free of worry regarding the future. I know I can control my life by managing my own thoughts and actions.

I am moving forward on my chosen path. I can do anything and go anywhere. All of my desires are well within my reach.

I am able to overcome my past and create a new future by making personal adjustments. Whenever I encounter an obstacle, I can find a way around it by making a new change in myself or my actions.

I have a strong sense of determination which keeps me focused on finding solutions. If one change fails to work, I come up with another idea and try that one until I find one that moves me forward to where I want to be.

My ability to change myself and my life is unparalleled. They are inseparable. I know it is solely up to me to make whatever changes I want in my life.

Today, I recognize the changes I want to make within myself. I continue to rise above my previous expectations. I know I can alter my life at any time by transforming myself. I am continually evolving.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What changes do I want to make in my life?
  2. What can I do to realize those changes?
  3. How have I successfully changed in the past? How did it affect my life?