Affirmations for Living the Fullest in the Present Moment

By on December 5, 2014

Living Life to the FullestI am living fullest in the present moment.

No matter where I want to go or what I want to be, I know that my life is the journey there. Life happens in the here and now – not yesterday or tomorrow – but today. So I live every moment of today to its fullest.

I gratefully acknowledge my past, as that is what made me what I am today. But I am careful not to live in the past. “Let bygones be bygones,” as they say.

If I made a mistake yesterday, today I can make amends, learn from it, and move forward. If I did something exceptionally well yesterday, today I can strive to do even better.

Regarding the future, yes, I have goals to work toward and plans for tomorrow, but that is yet to come. What I do today helps determine if I ever reach those goals. So I focus on my tasks for today and feel accomplishment in their achievement.

Every moment of every day brings me new opportunities, and I take advantage of each one of them. I cherish the smile on my child’s face and the love in my spouse’s eyes. When it rains, I feel the refreshment of the earth. When the sun shines, I take pleasure in its warmth.

Each moment brings a joy of its very own and I seek to discover and relish it. My day is made up of hundreds of these special moments, giving me a life of total fulfillment.

Today, I choose to enjoy each and every moment, taking in its pleasures with all my senses.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.    How much time do I spend bemoaning something from my past?
2.    Do I take time to marvel at the dawn and enjoy the simple moments?
3.    Do I find myself putting off my life until tomorrow?